Cisco ASA to Cisco ASA VPN + Balance One

I currently have 2 offices connected by a site to site VPN, terminating on an ASA on each end.

I want to add a secondary WAN/ISP connection to my primary office, using a Balance One for load balancing with the primary WAN/ISP connection.

Can I maintain the ASA to ASA VPN connection if I add the Balance One in front of one of the ASAs? If so, how would I configure it? I would have a static IP from both ISPs.



Why Do you need to keep ASA VPN connection while Peplink can do it better with Failover and SF ( if you get the license ). In my opinion put Peplink in your gateway and keep the ASA behind , then create VPN using Peplink and write static route to direct traffic to your ASA on both network so that ASA can then route traffic to your internal network.

What you will find is one you start using the balance ones, 380, 710, etc you will ditch your ASA’s except for datacenter type applications.

I would definitely consider replacing one site first with the balance one, get familar with it, then replace the other site. Also make sure to check out the feature set in incontrol2. Peplink has really done an amazing job of blending features, equipment and cloud. Really great stuff.