Cisco ASA Active / Passive, Redundancy, No single point of failure

How to achive no single point of failure ?

How should the LAN of a pair of peplinks be connected when using a “pair” of Cisco ASA firewalls in active/passive.

Do the peplinks need to see eachother via the LAN ? If yes, they need to go to a switch. Can I have them go to 2 swithches connected to eachother ? this way I can have each of my firewall connected to each switch.

Or can I have the LAN connection go directly to each firewall ?

I think you are not be able to connect the LAN directly to your firewalls , because Peplink pair should see each other for their health checking … but, you’re right, in this scenario the Switch would be the single point of failure. having them go to 2 switches connected to each other is a good idea. I hope someone from Peplink’s team could advise us on this issue.