Chromecast routing between subnets


Wondering if there will be support added to allow casting to a Chromecast from a different subnet?

My setup is:
Surf SOHO on using wifi 5GHz N band. SSID1
Motorola SurfBoard GO 6580 on using wifi on 2.4GHz G/N band. SSID2
Verizon MiFi on using wifi 5GHz N band. SSID3

The Chromecasts will not connect to the SOHO or the MiFi. They will only connect to the 2.4GHz band. This means that my iPhone and iPad also need to directly connect to the Motorola SSID2 (instead of the SOHO) so that they can cast correctly.

In looking into this issue, I see that Cisco has documentation to get this to work using VLANs and other configuration. They have detailed info outlining the protocol and steps used in order to get it working with their APs -> Chromecast Deployment Guide, Release 7.6 - Cisco

Is there any chance of getting support in the SOHO firmware?

No chance at this happening, eh?

I believe what you need to achieved is those iPhone and iPad able to cast with Chromecast in the Wireless LAN environment, right? Which you also post another thread for the alternate solution. My colleague will response to that post.

These features look interesting, we will definitely look into it.

Thank you for sharing the valuable information, really appreciate it.

Best regards,