Choosing between two WAN connections 'on the fly'

Hi all -

I plan to use a Balance 20 in my home network to manage two WAN connections: (1.) Verizon 4G LTE and (2.) DSL

I have sufficiently high data cap on the 4G LTE service to use it for most inbound and outbound internet activity for the clients in my LAN.

For routine cloud backups and mass data movement, however, I would like to be able to selectively choose the DSL connection when needed for this purpose. The speed is significantly slower, but there is no data cap (within reason).

How is this done? Do I create rules on the router interface, or can I select/assign a WAN connection to be used for specific IP addresses in my LAN (and be able to switch between WANs as desired)?

Thank you in advance for your insight -

  • Ian Campbell
    Cambridge, VT USA

Outbound traffic is controlled with outbound policy rules in the Balance. You can identify the source, destination, or traffic type to determine which WAN link to use, and there are several algorithms to choose from. I suspect in this case you would be able to use the destination for routine cloud backups and send this traffic out the DSL connection.

Hi Ron -

Thank you for your reply. Specifically for >inbound< traffic, is there any policy rule tool? If not, is there any plan for adding such a feature in the future?

Thanks again -

  • Ian Campbell

If you would like to controll inbound traffic.This feature only support 210 above .

Thank you for the clarification, Martychang …