Choose dnat ip in base to policy


I need to Select the IP from a pool for to do DNat but in base to Policy, Example:

Source Destination Port Interface IP for DNAT 80 WAN1 ip of interface) 25 WAN1 53 WAN1 80 WAN2 ip of interface) 21 WAN2

Other solutions like Fapipe or Barracuda Link Balancer can do it, I think it is very important when you have a Pool of IPs and diferents WANs.

thanks a lot.

Hi Carlos,

I believe this feature is supported on the Peplink. Under the Network tab you can choose NAT MAPPINGS. You can create mapping rules for LAN Clients by IP, IP range and IP Network. If you have additional public IP’s that you want available to use you will have to add them to the WAN configuration of each link under “Additional Public IP Settings.” When these are added you will be able to choose the various public IPs for your NAT MAPPING rules. Choosing the additional public IPs for outbound mapping will create a dynamic NAT pool for IP Range and Network.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Michael,

thanks for your answer. The problem is that NAT Mapping a private IP use the same Public IP for all traffic , in this case a private a IP can uses diferents IPs in base to the policy