Choice of device

I’m interested in having features like “Lowest latency” and “Fastest response time” from a Peplink device that would combine my 2 wired WAN
Honestly, this is for a house, I am just a geek and I want to have the best latency possible while surfing the web, playing a Call of Duty on mobile or going on Facebook
This may seem a big investment for a so small need, but I’m doing sometimes crazy stuff like these
I don’t want any security features.
Would you be able to recommend the best device and the care plan I should purchase?

I should add that 1 will combine a 400/50 and a 300/300 connections

I use a Balance One Core and I really like it. I also use my devices for gaming. But, depending on what you are wanting to do – it will leave some bandwidth unused. It maxes out at 600/400 - so, you would potentially lose 100Mbps.

A Balance Two would allow you to fully utilize your bandwidth capacity though. It maxes out at 1 Gbps (I assume both down and up).

Here is a good page that compares all of the models…

Thanks JM

Should I consider also purchasing a license?

If I purchase that license, would it allow me to have a more sofisticated load balancing (ex : Speedfusion?)

No, not really. Most of the add-on licenses allow you to convert LAN ports to be additional WAN ports or allow for additional SpeedFusion connections, etc. They don’t add any new routing policies (other than adding additional potential routes).