Checking every 5 minutes

I use OpenDNS in my Pepwave router and it shows daily totals of domain requests. My router is calling home to

every five minutes. This seems like a lot. Is this on purpose or is it a bug?

Essentially it is calling back to our NTP server to ensure that the Balance is getting the right time. I am not 100% sure on what the intervals should be, if a engineer could verify.

Could you add a interval select box and a checkbox of log on success and another of log on unsucess?

Its annoying to review the log of Peplink and find the time sucess or time unsucess every 5 mins…


If you see the NTP visit every 5 mins, I suspect the NTP sync isn’t successful. Not sure what version you are using but I would suggest to upgrade to 6.2.0 GA to give it another try. If the issue still persist, please open ticket for us to diagnose.

When the unit NTP sync successfully, then it will update every half an hour.


Running 6.2.0 GA, and I see the new behavior.

May 06 17:18:38 System: Time synchronization fail

  1. It fail, so it logs. I assume it try again in 5 mins, but it fail again and it didnt log it. NEAT!!! (take a look on 3)
    May 06 17:34:51 System: Time synchronization successful

  2. Its now sucessful, so it logs, but not again in 30 min, just when it fails again.

  3. It fail again, so it logs.
    May 06 22:36:26 System: Time synchronization fail

  4. It try again I suppose in 22:41, but fails so next windows will be 22:47 and its success
    May 06 22:47:05 System: Time synchronization successful

  5. Same behavior
    May 07 01:18:07 System: Time synchronization fail
    May 07 01:28:46 System: Time synchronization successful

A lot less logging as I can see now… Good work team!


Sorry for ignoring this, but I never got emails about the updates.

OpenDNS shows 288 requests a day for a few recent days, which divides out to a domain request every 5 minutes.

There are no failure messages in the event log, but some messages in the log are dated Dec 31st, no doubt the result of system not knowing the date/time. The last message that it synced time successfully was 5 weeks ago. The message was “System: Time synchronization successful”

I am running firmware 6.2.0 build 1644.

Hi Michael,

Please open ticket for us to investigate. Please help to turn on Remote Assistance, we need to take closer look.

Thank you.

OK, done. Ticket was opened and Remote Assistance was enabled.