Charging Verizon MiFi 4620L when USB tethered to Surf SOHO


I leave my Verizon MiFi powered on 24x7. When I do unplug the MiFi to take it with me on the road, the device complains that it is about to power down because the battery is depleted.

It seems leaving it USB tethered all of the time has messed up the battery. I am using a smart charge USB/sync cable, so I don’t think the SOHO should be over charging the MiFi.

Any ideas on how to fix this? Can the SOHO only start charging when the battery level drops to a certain amount, instead of constantly trickle charging the MiFi? Future enhancement to the SOHO firmware, maybe?


When USB tethering your MiFi will it stay powered on if the battery is removed? The USB port on the SOHO provides a constant 5VDC/500ma output and the device itself determines how much current to draw.

No, I did try this. The device automatically powers off if the battery is removed, even while connected to a charger.

Anyway for the SOHO firmware to throttle how much power it sends to the device? The battery does last for a bit when disconnected from the SOHO, but the MiFI complains the battery has 0% charge. It doesn’t appear to be reporting the charge level of the battery correctly.

It is up to the circuitry in the MiFi to determine how much current it needs to draw, not the SOHO. It sounds like the MiFi doesn’t have any smart charging capabilities and the battery is getting overcharged.

I would pick up a new battery and use it exclusively when you know you will be taking it with you and use your current battery when it is tethered.