channel overlap

wwan wlan channel overlap

Edit prev. post: On surf soho unable to get wireless wan and wireless lan (wifi) to operate on separate 2.4 GH channels. Surf always changes wifi lan channel to be same as wifi wan channel. Why ? Is there any way to prevent this channel overlap ?

I am pretty sure that the Surf Soho only has a single physical 2.4GHz radio in it, so when you want that radio to act as both WiFi WAN and a local AP it will need to operate on the same channel as the AP you are connecting the WiFI WAN to and then split its time performing the function of WWAN and also serving your local clients.

It would be extremely inefficient and poor performance if the AP were to on top of this time slicing of oles also have to constantly cycle channels to TX/RX both your local WLAN traffic and also the WWAN traffic.

I’d suggest that you consider using a separate AP for your local WLAN, it would likely perform better anyway as you are not splitting the radio time across multiple roles.

Other Peplink devices such as the MBX have dedicated physical radios for the WWAN so do not have this limitation.

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Thanks very much Will. What do you think about using 5Ghz for the wireless wan…to avoid the overlap ?

It’s always better to use 5GHz instead of 2.4GHz wherever possible, whether that is for the WiFi WAN or for your client access - more channels and less interference in general in the 5GHz band :slight_smile:

You’d still have the same issue if you wanted local clients to connect via the 5GHz radio in your Soho, but if that is not a consideration then yes it would work to avoid having the same radio do both roles.