Changing email settings for bandwidth allowance notification


I’m using a BR1 mini LTEA with firmware 7.1.1. I entered an email address for notification when SIM A is at 75% but failed to test the email server settings before saving/exiting. Notifications are not working so I would like to redo server settings and test, but the receive email notification box is greyed out and settings are not accessible. I tried the reset cellular module link on help bubble of the cellular settings bar followed by power cycle but still no change. Is there a way to reset or enter new email settings. Haven’t used Incontrol2. Would it work?


Hi @BCOfruit,

This video may help > Here < if not, please can you upload an image of the tick-box that is greyed out and I’ll take another look.

You can clear the Email notification settings by clicking the “?” and then click “Here” in the text box, as shown below:-