Changed hostnames aren't updated in the list

I have modified some computer names (Windows), however in the web interface->Status->Client list to old name is listed in place of the new one? It looks like the Balance is not updating the hostname once acquired… how can I force the update?


The unit has also rebooted multiple times however the host name is stuck to the old one
Any hint?

Anyone at tech support wishing to help? :wink:

Maybe the Balance One is storing the values and has a long expiration time setting?

Is there any tech support on this?

The hostname will be refreshed according to the DHCP lease time. It will not change before the IP expired. In order to see the immediate effect (after changed device hostname), please disable and re-enable DHCP server (Network > Network Settings > DHCP Server).

Thanks TK!!!..

I have experienced where the client list isn’t updated when a device is connected to the BR1 LAN port. Is there a latency period there that I should anticipate?

Can you explain further what do you mean client list isn’t updated ? May i know what the info is not updated ? Client IP, Host-name or other ?

The device just doesn’t show up on the list. I am running 6.3.2 v2158 FW.

May i know the device is running using Static IP ? Any internet traffics send from the device when you checking the client list ?

No, this is just standard DHCP without any Static Address reservations.

I have confirmed that we are able to ping out (via the BR1 Cellular module) so that the device properly connected.

Please open a ticket here for the support team to check. Please include the following info for the team to check.

  • Make sure you perform continues ping from the device to internet

  • Perform packet capture from the BR1

  • Download Diagnostic report from the BR1 when you found the device is not listed in client list.
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  • Provide client device IP/MAC address for the team to check.

Thank you Sit. I will submit the ticket and provide information for the next occurrence.

This problem occurs also when DHCP server is disabled in the Balance One and managed by Windows 2012 R2 DHCP server…

After enabling windows server 2012 DHCP, disabling DHCP server in the Balance One and turning off and on after one minute the Balance One, on reboot it will continue to show old computer names!
Help! this is a bug?