Change peplink email, and router password

  1. I would like to change my peplink email address from [email protected] to [email protected]. I think there is an existing account which has to be removed first.

  2. InControl keeps resetting my router password, but it’s grayed out in the settings, I can’t login.
    Please sees screenshot, it sys at the top " This configuration is being managed by [InControl]".

I do not see where there is a place in incontrol to reset the password. I have a subscription.

Hi @fyrehead,

Welcome to the forum. Can you still open InControl2 by using [email protected] account ? If you can, in organization level go to Organization Settings > Organization Settings. From there you should be able to manage organization users.
For now you can open up your device UI. Navigate to System > InControl > and set Controller Management Settings to disabled. This will disable InControl 2 management and your password, rest of the configuration should not be changed.

I want to use incontrol2. I don’t know the router password, so I would like to change it through incontrol2, but its grayed out. That is my priority. Getting in to the router. Otherwise I can download config, then reset, and reupload?

@fyrehead you tried to manage login credentials through group level Settings > Device Management System, Device Web Admin and CLI Management section ?

If device is active in InControl 2 you can reach it using Remote Web Admin feature and try to change your password from there. Just navigate to your device level, Settings > Remote Web Admin. By using this feature you will be able to remotely open your device UI. From there you can navigate to System tab, InControl section and tick Restricted to Status Reporting Only option, this will disable InControl 2 interference, then navigate to System tab > Admin Security section and from there change your password.

Hi Again, it sounds like you are saying that if I enable incontrol2, i no longer have access to direct login to my router? I would like both. Is this possible? My incontrol2 logins are not working on router. I already disabled it, reset the password to get in, but as soon as I re connected incontrol2, the local admin user got disabled/stopped working.