Certificate Installation for Mediafast HTTPS Caching

In order for Mediafast devices to cache and deliver HTTPS content, every client needs to have the necessary certificates installed. To install certificates, navigate to cert.peplink.com, and follow the instructions for your client platform.

Please ensure that your client is connected to your MediaFast device on the LAN side, as cert.peplink.com is hosted by your MediaFast router.

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Dear Erik,

Would you advise on which certificate store it should be installed? because when enabling SSL caching, clients continuously receive SSL issue from the Antivirus or from the inside google chrome.

would you advise?


Hi Hootan,

Please install the certificate in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities certificate store (if you use Windows).
When you follow the links in http://cert.peplink.com/#all_instructions you’ll find detailed install instructions for every client.

Good luck,


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In case you cannot access the detailed instructions via the provided link; @mldowling has been so kind to post the certificate installation instructions for each client as separate posts on our forum, Peplink | Pepwave - Forum