Cellular Signal values forwarding to Balance seris

Dear Peplink and Peplink Users :),

We would like to discuss the feature request for forwarding Cellular signal values from, for example an HD1 Dome towards a Balance or SDX series router.

When this is possible, we could uitlize the power of the HD1 dome, simple installation and no coaxial cables benefits. If we would use 4 HD1 domes, scatterd acros a ship, there is no way for the Balance or SDX that would do the bonding / failover for these 4 units to know which of the 4 Domes has the best or a good value for distributing traffic.

This would especially be intersting when one of the Domes drops below a specific value of signal level.
So the Balance or SDX can determin based on the low signal values, it doesn’t participate in the speedfusion tunnel or load balancing rules.

When using an HD4 MBX this can easily be done, but when you have large ships, and therefore long coaxial cables this creates a different problem all together.

At least we think this could be a good addidition for selling HD1 or HD2 domes in combination with balance or SDX series.

Any thoughts from other Peplink users?


When I worked at Peplink I suggested this idea but took it a step further and asked for a discovery protocol on Balance and MAX devices that detects other Peplink devices when plugged into the WAN and then presents them as a virtual WAN module.

Now we have the modular devices and a modular firmware it would be much easier you would imagine to achieve this. How cool to take a SDX, plug in a bunch of HD1 domes and then see on the SDX web dashboard modules appear showing realtime data from the upstream Domes.

I like it. :slight_smile: