Cellular Settings - What does "Both SIMs" do?

I’m using a Max Transit Duo (2 modems). On modem 1 I have 2 AT&T SIMS. I would like to use both SIMS evenly throughout the month. So, if I use 100GB in total I’d like 50GB to use SIM A and 50GB use SIM B (or there about). In this case should I use the “Both SIMs” option?

In modem 2, I have a Verizon SIM in slot A and a T-Mobile SIM in slot B. Currently I’m manually switching between the two SIMs because I need to also change the network mode to Verizon when using the Verizon SIM and Generic when using the T-Mobile SIM. Is there a better way to handle this?

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@paulbfelix ,

You should have the following settings for your use case:
1. Modem 1 :

  • Both SIMs
  • Enable Bandwidth Allowance Monitor (when reached to the defined value, SIM card switching will auto run)
  • Make sure “Start Day” is correctly defined so that the data usage will be monitor based on the billings date.

2. Modem 2 :

  • Suppose you should choose Auto for the “Network mode”.
  • Peplink firmware will auto load the correct “Network mode” based on the SIM Card inserted.
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A variant for modem 1, in case you don’t have specific usage caps you want to address, is to automatically switch the two SIMs in the middle of the billing period:

In this example, each SIM will be split across two billing periods.



Awesome! Thank you so much for this. Exactly what I was looking for.

Thank you @zegor_mjol. I don’t have bandwidth limits on the ATT SIMs, but I might play around with both options.

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