Cellular Roaming Stuck on Obtaining an IP address again


Hi. I realise that this question has been asked many times before on the forums, but I’ve gone through all of those answers and still cannot get a connection working.

I have a Max-BR1 and am trying to connect in France to SFR using a SFR data sim card. I have previously used this sim card in a basic standalone wireless router and it works fine, reporting the APN as “internet” and the dial number as “*99#”.

However when used in the BR1 the connection hangs at “Obtaining IP Address”. I have updated to the latest firmware, and tried all the variety of options advised on this forum. The only thing I cannot change is the dial up number, as my settings sheet on the Peplink page doesn’t have a dial up number box.

I would really appreciate any advice going. Thanks.

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Hi Danvan,

You can open a support ticket here and the Peplink support team will help you find the reason why this BR1 is not receiving an IP address from the cellular network SFR.

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