Cellular providers - Max Transit Duo

Has anyone used the following providers/sims with the Max Transit Duo?

  • Verizon - Jetpack 8800L (prepaid plan) (swap sim into Max Transit)
  • Verison - Visible plan
  • AT&T - Cell phone plan (Unlimited Elite - new) (swap sim into Max Transit)
  • AT&T - OTR Mobile BYOD sim plan
  • AT&T - OTR Mobile Nighthawk plan (swap sim into Max Transit)

Do you suggest any other plans for these cell providers that you know work and are unlimited, unthrottled, possibly not network managed (although this is tolerable)?

Thank you!

Howardforums is a great resource for these types of questions. There are plenty of existing threads on most of these plans. I think all of those plans are “network managed” aka subject to deprioriziation. You may never see deprioritization in some areas and in other areas it may make the service unusable. Personally, I have had success with the old Mobley $20/month unlimited plan putting a few hundred GB on it per month. I use WiFi as WAN where possible and supplement with that AT&T plan and sometimes Verizon. There is one area that I go that gets very busy and no WiFi with both VZW and ATT bogged down. If you need reliable connectivity at all times, then you may need to consider a more expensive plan that does not deprioritize.

I use my network architecture at home and in my RV. Fortunately, I live in a rural area an can see both the Verizon and AT&T towers from my back deck - they are never too saturated. In the RV, I’m never in an area where the cell towers are saturated (haven’t gone to Quartzsite yet :slight_smile: ).

So, I don’t mind network management - it never seems to affect me. I won’t tolerate throttling or caps. There are many, many plans that have just network management, like the ones I mentioned. They don’t have throttling or caps so I’m OK.

Any experience with the plans that I mentioned in a Max Transit Duo?

  • AT&T - OTR Mobile BYOD sim plan
  • AT&T - OTR Mobile Nighthawk plan (swap sim into Max Transit)

Did you try OTR Mobile with a Peplink device? Looking at options for data plans for max transit cat 18.

Could you share some of the “many, many plans” that you have found to be uncapped and unthrottled?

I’m running AT&T and Verizon tablet/phone sims in a Peplink Max Transit Duo bonded with Speedfusion.

I found that the best value for AT&T network is the prepaid tablet plan - surprisingly, I have had no throttling. It is a network managed plan and I don’t think I’ve bumped into it yet. It is fast for me.

I’m also using Verizon’s prepaid jetpack plan and I believe I’m being throttled since I run the sim in my Peplink Max Transit Duo router. I’m putting up with it because 1) my AT&T plan keeps me spinning along (both while bonded and as the first priority in my Peplink non-bonded configuration), and 2) I haven’t found another Verizon plan that I don’t have to pay a premium (see below).

At some point I’ll pay the premium price to overcome the limits above buy investing in a plan from one of the following. All of these plans are specifically tested for running in routers. Do a bit more research and you’ll find a lot of support for them.


There are many others that you can find with Google.