Cellular: No device detected


I was wondering if anyone else recently started running into similar problems as I have. I have roughly 500 BR1 Mini units and as of about three weeks ago we started having a lot of units getting a no device detected on the cellular WAN after recovering from power loss.

Rebooting doesn’t resolve. However if I reboot to a previous firmware version it will connect fine. I eventually figured out if I factory reset the device while on its current firmware version it fixes the issue.

For the most part it seems to be happening on devices still running 8.1.1s033 build 5014. It has happened to about 10 devices that have been running that firmware version over a year. I have had it happen to two devices running 8.1.3.

Log files show nothing other than the device booted up.

Do you have the support ticket created for this ? I think it’s best that can allow support team to review the the power loss issue.