Cellular module update failed - lost the cellular


The engineering team has confirmed the root cause of the issue and has provided a corrected FW, tested it on our unit and found it good. The fix to be included in the next FW roll-out.
I am (again) very impressed with Peplink’s customer support and engineering teams’ responsiveness. Kudos all 'round.

The engineering team has found the root cause of the issue and is working on a fix.
Kudos to the Peplink folks for being so very responsive.

After attempting various resets, incl. changing the carrier settings (between Verizon and “auto”), and a couple of reboots to no avail, I booted the device into FW 7.1.1.
Then cellular 2 suddenly came alive and connected. Subsequently, rebooting back into FW 8.0.0, cellular 2 stayed alive and connected, and was now recognized on the support.cgi page.

Current status: The issue has been operationally resolved, but the root cause is unidentified, and thus the experience is somewhat troubling.

HD2 IP67 fw. 8.0.0.
Updating cellular firmware to (the claimed latest)

Updated cellular 1: Success.
Updated cellular 2: After a brief moment when success was claimed and connection through cellular 2 was established, it failed to connect, and the support.cgi page does not recognize it (it only lists cellular 1 when update status is requested).

Having rebooted the device, cellular 2 is still not connecting (though listed on the dashboard), is listed on the interface table on support.cgi, is not listed among the cellular modules for fw update status check, and is not connecting.

Anything obvious to be done? I’ll file a ticket but would love to see this resolved locally and expeditiously. (Ticket #9050102 filed.)

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