Cellular Data Providers

I’m about to be setting up some branch offices with cellular internet, and I’m wondering if anyone knows of any providers who could help us obtain multiple carriers worth of cell data for our six offices.

Figuring out the cellular data is kicking our butt, the people we talk to in the phone have no idea what we are doing with the cards.

Would love to see what things you all are doing to keep remote sites stocked with data efficiently.

Weeeeell … I’d suggest your first stop should be the Partner from which you acquired your equipment or another Peplink Partner with which you want to form a relationship in the future. Best to deal with an organization that knows the “local landscape.” We could help in the USA, for example, but would be absolutely and totally clueless in the EU, AU, even Canada.

If you don’t want to engage a Partner with this give us a hint as to where you are located and maybe be a bit more specific as to what your needs are and what you hope to accomplish. Someone with expertise will jump in …


Sure thing!

I’ve got my partner on the lookout too at options, but I’d be all ears if someone has ideas.

Located in the US, fairly heavily populated areas around the country. All fixed operations, no mobile systems right now.

The system we are using is a pepwave HD4, each pepwave will have a video encoder tied to it which will primarily engage the wired internet connection, using the cellular as a backup if the line quality of the main WAN dies. Our total throughput can be adjusted to fit the network conditions, but our nominal streaming capacity from these remote sites is between 10-20 Mbit. Some locations have robust internet that can consistently support it, others are not as good.