Cellular Carrier Service Plans and Static IP Addresses

Hello Group,

I am a new user of Peplink equipment. I am also very new to the cellular modem world and industry regarding cellular modems.

I just purchased a couple of new Peplink Max BR1 Mini Core (MAX-BR1-MINI-LTE-US-T-M-PRM) units.

This definitely is a bit of a learning curve for me and I am interested in learning more from those of you on this forum. I am hoping you can help educate me and help me.

I have two things going on…

  1. I am dealing with remote access issues.
  2. I am looking for cellular data plan options, a list of carrier plans and pricing.

I would like to know if anyone has a list of cellular providers and service plans that work with the Peplink model I have? I am currently using a “pay as you go - multi carrier” SIM card but I am running into issues not being able to access my Peplink remotely or devices connected to it. I do not think the current SIM cards and data plan is the correct one for what I need. My modems are being assigned an “10.xxx.xxx.xxx” ip address which I understand are private and are not accessible from the internet. My understanding is I need to obtain a plan that includes a static IP address. So with that said… I have no idea what it would cost me to acquire a static IP address so I am looking for information on the process of acquiring a static IP address and cost in doing so.

Can anyone help with information on cellular carriers offering static ip addresses, plans, pricing, information and etc?

I am really not interested in using any type of cloud service, virtual server, hub, or etc as a solution and would strongly prefer going the static IP address route. But I have no idea if I can afford it, if I qualify to have one, how to get it. I have no idea where to even begin on getting a static ip.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

Hello, dapaq2
I am not from USA… But… never seen a static public ip address for sim cards.
The best way that I found to remote access Peplink devices or a device behind a Peplink device is using IC2.

AT&T Can do this on certain business plans, call them but I’m not sure the pricing (few $ a month extra I believe, has been a while since I looked but this would be on top of a plan that is possibly less than good value compared to what you are using at the moment).

The thing is though you will spend over the odds for a SIM with a public IP, vs at the low end $5-10 a month for hosting a FusionHub solo somewhere.

Using a FusionHub would also potentially allow you to put a couple of different SIMs in for failover too, whilst maintaining inbound connections via a single static IP (that of the hub).

Your choice though.

Some additional information to add. I am located in the state of Indiana, in the United States of America. I will be wanting to establish several “Site to Site” VPN connections for ROIP (EQUIVALENT TO VOIP) radio equipment that needs to communicate with each other via the internet. I understand that a static IP address might be cost prohibitive or more expensive than other options. I am just not sure if InControl2 or FusionHub will ‘easily’ allow me to do that or at all. I just don’t want to have to be doing multiple steps in order to make it work, a static IP address is the easiest way to accomplish connecting these and just hoping I can connect the same way I did before using IPSEC VPN SITE TO SITE connections between each radio site. Especially when some of the remote locations will not have Peplink equipment or cellular modems. Some of the locations are connected via fiber, cable, dsl, etc. I don’t know all the details of any of these other options you guys have mentioned so far…

OK, Doug, I “found” you. I think I know what you want to do, have done it myself and helped others to make it all work. The source I used did not have your e-mail address listed but if you care to send me an e-mail or a PM via the Forum I’ll get back with you directly. I think I can help and would be glad to do so.


Ok, Thank you Rick. I will reach out to you privately.

Why not post the solution on here so everbody can see and benefit from it?


Calm down. You are too quick to get all worked up and complain about something that is not there. Just because we took our communication off the forums and are currently communicating privately does not mean we are hiding an answer from you or anyone else. We can not post a “solution” when we still do not know what the solution is, beyond acquiring a static IP address.

Rick has some ideas, but him and I are still in initial stages of conversation and research on this and he is also traveling for the holiday and will be busy for a few days. He and I will continue discussion once he is home and activity has settled down, which will be a few days yet. As far as a solution the easiest route would be acquiring a static IP address. Which is what I really prefer to do and have asked you guys on these forums for help on, can YOU help with providing any information on the process of acquiring a static IP address and the costs associated with it??? Static is what I strongly prefer, if I am not able to get a static IP address due to cost or other unforeseen reasons then we will look to see what alternative options are available. But until then there really is nothing to post here regarding “a solution”, because we don’t know yet what the solution is.


:astonished:Calm down. You are too quick to get all worked up and complain about something that is not there”!..seriously, I wasn’t complaining, it was a simple question! Anyway, hope you guys figure it out.

Verizon used to be (and may still be) offering static IP addresses for regular (not business) unlimited accounts with up to 10 lines. They charged a one-time fee of $500, and the fee was independent of the number of addresses you actually requested.

The particular version of an unlimited plan is no longer offered, but the static IP offer may be available on other plans. Worth a shot.



Thank you Zegor. I appreciate you taking the time to share that information.

Hi @dapaq2,

We have multiple options, including Single SIMs with static IPs and also private FusionHub options for using any SIMs to have publicly routable IPs. Feel free to reach out to me via DM or someone at ToughSignal (where I work, we’re Peplink certified), and we can hook you up.


Ok, thank you for the information. I will contact you via dm.

Ok guys, I found a data plan that includes a static ip that fits MY budget. I believe this is the best solution and the easiest of all the available options. I would like to thank everyone who responded to my post trying to help me. I look forward to doing lots of reading on these forums learning more about Peplink devices and all the great information that has been posted. Definitely a great group of people here.

Thanks again!

Specifics, please?