Cell tower location - IC2 misplaces a tower

Our office in the California Sierra Nevada mountains is connecting through AT&T and Verizon. There are a couple of towers through which we connect, usually one at the Flying Spur Ranch (shared by the two carriers), and the InControl map locates them accurately.
However, lately InControl places the connecting tower elsewhere altogether (in Nevada).
For Verizon:

Carrier: Verizon Wireless
Signal: LTE
Strength: -65 dBm (Excellent)
Quality: -12 dB (Good)
MNC: 480
MCC: 311
Latitude: 40.794598
Longitude: -119.40441

And AT&T:

Carrier: AT&T Wireless Inc.
Signal: LTE
Strength: -88 dBm (Excellent)
Quality: -11 dB (Good)
MNC: 410
MCC: 310
Latitude: 40.794598
Longitude: -119.40441

Is this something I can expect to self-correct after a while?

Please click the Feedback in the screenshot below if the problem persists.

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Does this cell tower location functionality work from anywhere in the world or only US? Is it new?


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I think the problem here is the location of Max device not accurately shows in InControl2. We will not show the location of cellular tower.

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I am a bit puzzled, since up to recently IC2 did just that for out MAX Transit (wonderful device, btw.). It accurately located the device, and in the cellular report it accurately located the tower(s) we were connecting through.

@zegor_mjol, I found your feedback that sent to InControl2 team and you have attached a screenshot of your problem. Do allow me to further explain what is showing in the screenshots below which similar to your screenshot.


Screenshots above show the signal strength or quality of my Max device along with my driving path. This is not the location of cellular tower.

Anyway, your screenshot clearly shows that the location of your device is incorrectly shown in InControl2’s map. I will escalate to engineering team to fix this.

Hope this clears your doubt. Thanks.


Well… you could maybe :slight_smile:

Just got a message that the bug in IC2 has been identified and will be corrected.

I love the responsiveness of this support team.


The correction did not work very well - the map now shows (and has shown for a while) the location being on the international dateline at the equator (i.e., at 180 West, 0 North), or very close to it. Baker Island being the closest, named location.

May I know the GPS antenna was connected to Max router? Possible take photo of the rear panel of the Max router?

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The Transit Duo is not connected to a GPS antenna. It is deployed in an RF-unfrienndly location with the cellular signal rebroadcast (WeBoost) inside.
IC2 used to reflect the correct location when doing the cellular report (based on the address entry in IC2, maybe?). But after the change to IC2 the Transit finds itself in the middle of the ocean in the cellular report, while being correctly located Int he California Sierras for the IC2 overview page for the device. Was the change to IC2 that it now queries the GPS of the device?

@zegor_mjol, please connect the GPS antenna to the Max Transit in order to send the valid and accurate GPS coordinate to InControl2. Please ensure the GPS antenna has clear line of sight to the sky.


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