Cell Coverage in the Caribbean


maybe someone can help. I have at minimum of 5 clients that have MAX or BR routers, in the states I have had very little issues with the SIM Cards. (I notice that AT&T gives us the worst results while the yachts are running).
when they sail to the Caribbean, however a total different story. I cannot get a North American carrier to connect. either we fail the DNS check or the SIM slots read “obtaining IP Address.”

the Health Checks I have set to low so it will not check as often.
the carrier mode can be set to ANY or carrier specific and still not a difference with connecting.
3 of 4 are running the latest firmware.

is there something I am missing?

When you are down in the Caribbean this would be considered roaming and you would need to contact your carrier and subscribe to an international roaming plan. Be careful though because this can get really expensive.

I would recommend to get a SIM card from a carrier in the Caribbean instead and use that while down there.


thanks Tim

so it is a carrier issue not a setting in the BR1 that I am missing?

that makes me fell slightly better.

Yes, this should be a carrier issue you are having and not a device issue. By default, these carriers do not allow international roaming unless you add it to your plan.