Category 12 LTE Modem in the Pepwave MAX HD2 unit


I have 2 Pepwave MAX HD2 units with Category 3 LTE modems. The firmware for both units is version 8.0.2 build 3667 and the modem support package is version 1023. One unit is hardware revision 2 and the other is hardware revision 4.

Can someone please verify whether or not the embedded Sierra Wireless EM7565 or EM7511 category 12 LTE modem is installed in the latest version of the Pepwave MAX HD2 unit.

In addition does the modem support package 1023 contains the drivers for the embedded Category 12 Sierra Wireless EM7565 or EM7511 LTE modem.

I need a response quickly.

For what it’s worth, I see that the latest MAX-HD2-LTEA-W-Tmodels have 2x CAT 6 modems inside of them. Whereas the MAX-HD2-LTEA-WF-T has 1x CAT6 and 1x CAT 12 modem inside of it. I hope this helps some.

Specifically I need to know the model of the Sierra Wireless category 12 modem used in the HD2?

The CAT 12 modem in the MAX-HD2-LTEA-WF-T is the Sierra Wireless EM 7511

Based on the MAX HD2 units I have (specs in the first post), will the EM7511 modem work in my units? I realize I need a mini-pci to m2 adapter for the EM7511 to work. In addition, the connectors on the EM7511 is mfH4 and I need n.fl to mfH4 pigtail adapters. With all that, will the EM7511 work in my HD2 unit?

Way beyond me. @Peplink ?

The modem support pack is to do with the ability to plug in external USB LTE dongles, and isn’t to allow different modules to be installed inside the device. You might be best to raise a ticket and ask the question but it certainly won’t be supported and will void your warranty.

Can a em7511 in a usb enclosure work?