CAT18 Flex Module (LM960A18) - firmware update (on Balance 20x)

Hi -

For some reason - the firmware in the CAT18 flex module was stuck on v.32.00.xx4 which for some strange reason didn’t have the T-Mobile network mode firmware ( showed up as blank in the comma separated list on the support page). This meant I had to run my TMO data plan in ‘generic’ mode, unsure of the implications of that. Maybe not all carrier aggregation combos supported?

I tried to flash the firmware through the support / admin page - - but didn’t have any luck, it downloaded the firmware but always said that it failed, and was stuck on the xx4 version.

Looks like the latest OTA Peplink approved firmware for the modem is xx5 - which contains
Generic 32.00.115 , Verizon 32.00.124, AT&T 32.00.144, T-Mobile US 32.00.153
I ended up popping out the modem and flashing to xx5 myself, and it seems to work properly now on the T-Mobile firmware mode, so I’m OK now; however I still have a few questions

I see that Telit has another firmware version out (xx6) which contains
Generic 32.00.116 , Verizon 32.00.126, AT&T 32.00.146, T-Mobile US 32.00.156

Questions →

  1. Are there any release notes for the firmware updates to this modem?
  2. Will Peplink be supporting / hosting the V.32.00.xx6 firmware for this modem?
  3. Are there any error logs I can access for seeing why the firmware update failed on the device?
  4. What is the effective difference between those different firmware modes? i.e. if I have a ‘visible’ sim card should I run it in ‘generic’ mode or ‘Verizon’?

Thanks in advance - loving the router. Great product

don’t hold your breath, i’m still waiting on firmware for their cat12, it’s like 7-8 releases behind and no t-mobile support, if i upgrade it on my own, the peplink won’t let me chose bands. i guess some formatting is needed.