Cat12 EM7511 t-mobile firmware

Sierra had released t-mobile firmware for the EM7511, and would like to use it but peplink has not updated firmware in such a long time. What triggers them to update firmware? i manually pulled the modem out and applied the firmware, but upon re-installation, not all information is posted in the GUI. I use sprint, and understand that the firmware for them will likely not be updated again, and i am unable to get 2x CA upload, but i can with the t-mobile firmware on b41 when using the sprint apn.

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looks like it was just signal, i connected to my panel antenna, all is well.

the firmware is still OLD, with no update to t-mobile or ATT, they are now 8 revisions behind! @peplink, why isn’t this being updated? i’ll soon need to switch to t-mobile, and want to run sierra’s official t-mobile firmware.

I am looking to upgrade firmware like you on a EM7511 module in an MBX modem. I pulled it and upgraded using Sierras Windows exe to SWI9X50C_01.14.02.00. After reboot it doesn’t seem to work properly in the MBX. Were there any other steps you needed to follow to make this compatible with the Peplink device?

Use generic firmware for now, you can use T-Mobile, but the GUI won’t recognize it, and you’ll have to make all settings via AT commands.

What version of generic firmware?

Is there a way to send AT commands through modem? What settings need to be made through AT commands for this to work?

the latest they have, which is still way too old. now that sprint is migrating to t-mobile sims, all we have is generic! below is what mine looks like, i use sprint right now, but want to make the jump to t-mobile. you are stuck using 1.08.04 generic unless you want to remove it, update it, input at commands, and then install back in the peplink, at which point, you won’t have any GUI options for bands among other things. this is WAAAY outdated!!! @peplink care to respond???