Cat 4 radios - difference between B20X and UBR - LTE

I’ve just done some experiments with a verizon sim in both a UBR and a Balance 20x. In the UBR I see that there is a primary and a secondary band for this single sim. But on the B20x I only see one band listed. Is there an explanation of how this secondary band works and how the implementation of the radio is different between these two products?

Can you post some screenshots, and also do the ? show additional engineering info so we can see the chipset and links on both.

I’ll have to upload the B20X later when I’ve got that one fired up again.

And finally, here’s a screen shot of the same SIM card in a Balance 20X. There’s no indication of a “Secondary band” and I’m curious why.

UBR is a CAT6 LTEA modem, B20X is a CAT4 LTE. CAT6 Supports carrier aggregation (ie two bands) CAT4 does not.


I guess the 5Gstore needs to update their copy.
Amazon too!
I don’t see any indication of the category for the modems on the Peplink datasheet.

Thanks! This helps explain things…

Actually you’re right. UBR should be CAT4. That’s what all the documentation everywhere says. But your screenshot above says its using a MC7455 which is a CAT6 modem… Not sure whats going on there… but its good to have a CAT6 modem so lets stay quite in case someone notices :wink:

Yes, in my testing the first modem on the UBR is definitely a Cat 6 with CA. The second modem is Cat 4. Despite what the documentation says.

Be happy! :smiley:

(You received an above-spec unit, it seems.)