[Case Study] Town of Tonawanda achieves the impossible with Peplink- 80% savings!

[size=2]The Town of Tonawanda was in need of a fully meshed network for their VoIP system. MPLS was initially considered but Staunch Distribution showed them how they could save 80% without compromising reliability by implementing Peplink Balance routers. As a bonus, Town of Tonawanda now has a secure network with ten times the planned bandwidth.

In the words of Town of Tonawanda’s Network Manager: I never looked back.

Town of Tonawanda

Andrew Pudlak has been looking for a way to load balance Town of Tonawanda’s network using MPLS FiOS with a proprietary licensed 4.9Ghz Public Safety long range point-to-point wireless as the backup. He called up Staunch Distribution’s founder Peter West to work through the details and ended up with huge cost-savings after going with Peplink Balance routers.

The need for network redundancy

Andrew had been researching MPLS options to interconnect multiple sites for a VOIP system rollout. But what he found, was staggering.
“I was quickly discouraged when a 3MB connection through EarthLink or Level 3 communications was going to set me back $96,000 a year. I knew there had to be a better way for less money and faster speeds.”
The cost-performance was not going to be easy to justify. So he set out looking for other solutions and that is when he learned of Peplink and Peter.

Unparalleled cost-savings

Peter demonstrated a proof of concept to Andrew and explained how Peplink routers can use SpeedFusion to create a secure site-to-site VPN and bond the 50Mps FiOS, with the PTP wireless to eliminate downtime and increase bandwidth.
Andrew was impressed and decided to go with Peplink. His setup includes 9 critical locations with a municipal Police Station acting as HQ. The remote sites funnel all traffic over encrypted 256bit connections in a central data center. From there, traffic is routed in and out of one central firewall / gateway to the internet.

Here’s their Peplink solution:

The biggest advantage of this setup- it only costs Andrew $7,000 a year.

Consolidated management

The new topology works to the advantage of Andrew’s two-person IT team. Where his users used to VPN through one main service provider’s connection, they can now form a VPN directly through each Peplink router to their destination to even the data traffic. The new setup also means that instead of one web filter at every site, it is now possible to have just one for the entire organization, further reducing resources needed for operation and maintenance. At the same time, Andrew now has control over QoS, bandwidth restrictions, and WAN traffic prioritization for each individual site.

Uptime guaranteed

Andrew is also very pleased with his how stable his Balance 1350 is.

“To date my devices have been up and running continuously with no intervention for 114 days with zero issues. I recently just installed the 1350 in my HQ on 1/1/2014 and in 17 days I have passed 2.3TB of LAN traffic through the box with zero issues and my latency has never jumped over 5ms”

And to prove it, Andrew sent this in:

“I am very pleased with Peplink and Staunch Distribution, I feel you will be also.”

  • Andrew W. Pudlak

Town of Tonawanda’s solution is proudly presented by Peter West of Staunch Distribution](http://staunchdistribution.com/), www.staunchdistribution.com.


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Great job! This is a perfect example of how the Peplink’s can help replace expensive MPLS and at the same time provide better uptime and bandwidth all while saving money.

Thanks, Mike

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