Case study SD-WAN 4G for PetroVietnam-HQ


With PVN, the construction of CCTV system – remote centralized surveillance camera controlled from the center is considered an important issue and should be prioritized for implementation to ensure the operation, management and monitoring. and operate the system closely and safely.
Due to the characteristics of offshore mining rigs, the centralized connection from the rigs to the center in the marine environment is difficult. Along with that, the cost of the traditional satellite solution is quite high, but the stability and bandwidth are low, not ensuring the image quality from the camera.


To solve the difficulties that PVN is facing, Netmark Distribution and Thang Tam consulting unit have proposed to the investor a 4G SD-WAN solution. The solution not only meets the transmission needs for CCTV systems, but also offers scalability with many immediate benefits, such as:

  • Create a separate connection channel between the center and the mining rigs through the 4G network coverage of Vietnamese carriers.
  • The high bandwidth of 4G speed helps to ensure the quality of camera image transmission.
  • Scalability of Internet services, VoIP, IPTV, ..
  • Cut down on expensive monthly satellite connection costs with an economical 4G subscription.
  • Easily scale with the multi-site VPN feature.
  • Manage the device autonomously, not depend on the network operator.
  • Increase bandwidth and backup transmission line with Multi SIM Load Balancing.
  • Compact device, quick deployment of configuration within 24 hours.

The solution implementation helps to create a private multi-VPN connection network between the rigs and the center, transmit the camera images directly and expand to many other applications later.


  • Pepwave MAX BR1.
  • Peplink Balance one-core.