[Case Study Preview] Unbreakable VoIP for Medical Emergencies


**River Forest Medical Center’s multi-storey clinic is filled with doctors and nurses who need to be in near-constant communication wherever they are in the building. But River Forest’s legacy telephone system was fragmented and could no longer meet the requirements of a rapidly expanding medical practice.

To serve the growing facility and address their need for a failsafe system that would keep staff communicating at all times, River Forest called on Voice Carrier.



  • Fully integrated telephone system with call management
  • 24-hour communication readiness for emergencies


Peplink Balance 210
Unbreakable VoIP
Voice Carrier Fully Hosted VoIP


  • Resilient communications system

  • User-transparent recovery

  • Voice and data segregation ensures quality voice calls

  • Transitioned from legacy to future-proof cloud-based communications

  • Fully hosted solution

  • Simple deployment

A Long Overdue Upgrade

River Forest Medical Center is a medical practice with an extensive phone system used by cross-departmental doctors, nurses, and receptionists responding to everything from minor complaints to full-blown medical emergencies. But serving these patients using River Forest’s existing phone system was becoming an insurmountable challenge. Staff members are spread across a multistory building, and River Forest’s single phone system could not physically handle the load.
The team at River Forest knew it was time for a change. They considered using multiple telephone systems to ease the burden, but this would mean that medical personnel were not directly reachable or transferrable from a single operator number. 24-hour service would also prove to be a problem, as phone numbers could not follow the duty staff efficiently.
This just wouldn’t do for a professional medical practice, especially one that is rapidly expanding. To keep up with its growing needs, River Forest needed a vendor that could provide a phone system that was unquestionably reliable with ample future-proofing.

They needed Voice Carrier.

A Phone System for Emergencies

Voice Carrier’s solution was simple, at least as far as River Forest was concerned. On site, Voice Carrier installed a single Peplink Balance 210 that replaced all of River Forest’s legacy equipment. The rest of the solution lived in the cloud, at Voice Carrier’s datacenter.
With a fully integrated cloud-based solution in place, phone numbers and systems could be consolidated into a single system. All staff, no matter what floor they were on, now had easy access to new, advanced telephony features delivered with rock-solid reliability. After-hours answering and call routing were no longer an issue, adding to River Forest’s reputation for superior patient care.
Choosing the Voice Carrier-Peplink combo would turn out to be the best technology improvement River Forest had ever implemented. Adding SIP clients is as simple as connecting another handset. With the Balance 210’s QoS algorithms prioritizing VoIP and data, vital information is always communicated clearly. The Balance 210 also handles 4G failover with ease, ensuring that the Medical Center is always reachable in emergencies, even in the absence of their primary cable connection.

“Voice Carrier and Peplink gives us peace of mind. We don’t need to worry about calls not getting through or having to find workarounds for our critical communications system. The whole solution and integration is just totally seamless.”

-River Forest Medical Center Management

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