Case Study: OAMKB


Maak kennis met Pieter
Pieter Kuenen

Servicing 2,000 SMB and start-up

Pieter is an accountant and a partner of the OAMKB network.

OAMKB is a national network of accountants, tax specialists and administrators providing innovative financial services, online, to more than 2,000 small and medium enterprises, freelancers and start-up.

24/7 online service

One of the many reasons that customers like Pieter’s services is the availability.

You can email or chat with Pieter if you have a question. With a few clicks, you can turn invoices into digital financial records, you can send payments, check outstanding invoices, view expenses and profits, and all of these are online and available to you 24/7.

“With Peplink routers, I have a fast and reliable internet that my business can rely on.”

Pieter KuenenManaging Partner, OAMKB Cuijk

Need for bandwidth and reliability

Pieter works hard and business grows fast.

Then Pieter has a problem – internet speed and reliability.

DSL internet in the region provides up to 15Mbps and is often less. As Pieter’s business grows, the internet bandwidth is just not enough to provide the online services that his customers need.

And from time to time, the internet goes down!

From problem to Peplink

While Pieter was banging his internet router on the desk for more bandwidth and jumping up and down when the internet was down (again!), he thought, what if I subscribe a second DSL internet from another provider – would this give me twice the bandwidth, and if one DSL is down will I still have internet on the other DSL?

Through a friend, Pieter found Peplink Balance routers, and the answer is YES.

Learn more about the Peplink Balance routers.

Bandwidth for growth

Pieter subscribes to another DSL, plugs it to the Peplink Balance router and immediately, he has twice the bandwidth he needs to keep growing the business.

And now with another DSL, next time one of them goes down. Pieter can still run his business.

As a bonus, with an USB port on the Peplink router, Pieter can use a 4G LTE/3G internet as backup as well, one time when all the DSL providers have internet outage, closing all the businesses in the area. Pieter, with a LTE/3G internet backup, is still able to do business as usual.

Business grows. Pieter is happy.

Now Pieter subscribes to 4 DSL internets. Business grows fast. Pieter and his customers are happier than ever.

When Pieter needs a faster and more secure Wi-Fi network in his office, he goes to Peplink and uses the Pepwave professional Wi-Fi access point. They work seamlessly with his Peplink Balance router.