Case Study – Lengers Yachts (Part Two)



Lengers Yachts and Mondicon have been partners for a long time. After Mondicon introduced their ‘SmartYacht’ solution, consisting of on-board WiFi and security cameras, this opened up new ways of cooperation with Lengers Yachts. The SmartYacht Solution offers you an unique combination of a professional router and Mondicon SIM cards for super-fast internet on board of your yacht. Mondicon provides customized mobile data solutions and is market leader in providing 4G data connectivity in the river cruise industry. Mondicon teamed up with Frontier BV to find the right solution for the customer. Mondicon values Frontier’s expertise and the way they work. Frontier thinks along with the customer, responds quickly and have expertise and experience in connectivity. Together as partners they provided an unique solution to Lengers Yachts.


Most yachts are either delivered with only satellite internet, which can be very slow and expensive, or no internet solution at all. A yacht is usually delivered with an alarm system, but Mondicon’s ‘SmartYacht’ solution enables end-users to keep an eye on their yacht from anywhere in the world. Thanks to an easy-to-use app, the end users can start a live stream via their security cameras, whenever they want. Lengers Yachts wanted to be able to take their customer service to the next level, this made Mondicon’s ‘SmartYacht’ solution a perfect fit.

Together with Frontier BV, Mondicon organized a Peplink and Poynting PoC on the Prestige 460. With the right advise and the use of a Pepwave router and external Poynting antennas, we managed to get good results. The Prestige 460 is now equiped with this solution.


Pepwave MAX Transit DUO LTE-A

The Pepwave MAX Transit DUO LTE-A is used for the installation on the Prestige 460. The reason why the Pepwave MAX Transit LTE-A or Transit DUO LTE-A are used most of the time is because they support 4G+, are reliable and easy to mount out of sight because of the compact size. However, every yacht has of course different requirements. Thanks to the broad offering of Pepwave MAX routers, we can always offer a fitting solution, no matter the requirement.

Mondicon offers connectivity in 192 countries with their Mondicon SIM-cards, which work flawlessly in the Pepwave MAX equipment. Based on the sailing area and data requirements of the end user, Mondicon offers a fully customized data package.

The Pepwave MAX routers are complimented by external Poynting antennas, in this specific case one The Poynting MIMO-1 antenna and 2x Poynting OMNI-291 antennas were used. The Poynting antenna is a crucial element for a stable and reliable connection. Mondicon had very good experiences with Poynting antennas in the past, which is why they continued using Poynting antennas with their ‘SmartYacht’ solution.

Above you can see how the external Poynting antennas are mounted. The Pepwave hardware and security cameras have been configured and placed by a Mondicon solutions consultant. The Poynting antennas have been placed by a Lengers Yachts engineer.

Thanks to the ‘SmartYacht’ solution, Mondicon is able to offer an affordable and worldwide high speed internet connection on-board of the yacht. We have seen download speeds up to 120 Mbps and upload speeds up to 60 Mbps, which is much faster than what a lot of people have at home.

End-users no longer have to worry about roaming costs, thanks to the fully customized Mondicon data packages. they can easily add or block countries in the customized Mondicon data package, in case an end-user ever changes his/her sailing area.

Last but not least, we offer the end-users ease of mind, because they can check on their yacht whenever they want.