Case Studies and Praises – 40 Hotels | 5000 Rooms | Unbreakable VoIP


Georgia-based Ascent Hospitality manages 40 hotels, around 5000 rooms in total.

Ascent’s challenge was finding a cost-effective way to provision its properties with high-quality voice calls and fast Internet access. These services needed to be dependable and resilient to failure, as well as easy to integrate and maintain.
To meet these goals, Ascent sought out Peplink partner Voice Carrier. Voice Carrier’s solution improved guest experience and staff productivity while cutting costs and management headaches.


● Large-scale multi-property phone system
● Communication resilience
● Easy maintenance and integration
● High-quality voice calls
● High-speed Internet access


● Peplink Balance 210
● Peplink Unbreakable VoIP Solution
● Voice Carrier VoIP


● 55% cost savings
● Highly scalable VoIP system that can easily handle added VoIP clients
● Automatic failover using a standard USB modem
●VoIP and network failover that’s transparent to users
● Clear voice calls due to QoS
● Network infrastructure upgrade flexibility

Modernizing Legacy PBX

Ascent Hospitality was tired of paying an arm and a leg for voice and Internet services that were not up to standard. Providing high-quality voice calls and high-speed Internet to 40 managed hotels, with around 5000 rooms in total, was no easy feat. So they called on VoIP expert Voice Carrier to come up with a solution. And Voice Carrier delivered a solution that they simply could not refuse.
Serving 40 hotels across 5 states within the Southern US, each with 125 rooms, would require 9 legacy telephone lines per property. The PSTN system alone was costing Ascent $7080 per property. Providing Internet service would increase costs even more.
The solution Voice Carrier proposed offered two major advantages:

  • Complete traffic policing resulting in high-quality voice calls and high-performance Internet access
  • Highly scalable system with Peplink-grade redundancy
    Most importantly, Ascent would saves 55% on costs compared with their legacy system, freeing up plenty of capital to upgrade Internet connectivity across all properties.

Solution Fit For 5000 Rooms

Voice Carrier deployed their gateway, which converts legacy telephony into cloud-based VoIP hosted and serviced by Voice Carrier. Paired with Voice Carrier’s gateway is a Peplink 210, which handles all failover and QoS duties.
Resiliency is easy to implement. All the customer needs to do is plug in a 3G/4G LTE USB modem. The resulting network is highly resilient and perfect for a VoIP system and Internet access that virtually never goes down.
Peplink’s easy “QoS for VoIP” ensures voice call quality, separating data and voice without the need for any fiddling around. This generates significant cost savings. At the same time, Ascent can provide quality voice calls and fast Internet access to their guests.

Unbeatable Value

Voice Carrier’s pricing model is simple and involves no contracts or upfront costs. Here’s how Ascent Hospitality’s new bill compares:

Legacy Pricing for Services per Property
PSTN Access Lines Cost (Monthly) = $ 410
PSTN Access Line usage/fees/features (Monthly)= 180 Total Annual Operational Costs = 7080
Voice Carrier Equipment Service Per Property
Voice Carrier Service for 8 Concurrent per hotel calls (Monthly) = 216.00 Voice Carrier Service usage fee for Gateway and Peplink(monthly) = 50.00
System Support Costs (Annual) = 0.00 Total Up-front One-time Costs = 0.00
Total Annual Operational Costs = $ 3192.00

With an annual savings of $155,520 across all managed properties.