[Case] Fail-safe | even if there is a fire!


Mobile workstations are common in many industries these days, including BOS units. There is no question that during fire-fighting operations reliable hardware and software is a must; After all, it is about extinguishing fires effectively and as quickly as possible and / or save lives. 

Modern IT is therefore part of the standard in many rescue vehicles. One of the very important points In addition to reliable equipment, the reliability of wireless connections to the Internet is essential for successful operations. 

The volunteer fire brigade in Wangen im Allgäu consists of seven active, voluntary (honorary) departments with a total of about 250 active members. In addition to the active departments, the Wangen fire department in Allgäu also includes the youth fire department with four groups as well as the age department. 


So far, the Wangen fire brigade has used the is equipped with four IT workstations and various communication technology, a mobile LTE router with a modem and two SIM slots. Unfortunately, the system kept showing errors, so the fire brigade started looking for an alternative The solution was a mobile LTE router with dual SIM and two modems. She found what she was looking for at Vitel, a provider of industrial communication and security solutions and a Peplink distributor in the DACH region. 


A)Optimized switching times

The previous router solution presented a challenge that the fire brigade could not master. During the journey in the command vehicle the Internet connection must be secure, even if the router changes from cellular network A to cellular network B. So far, these switching times have been too long, Internet sessions in which important data (such as Satellite images / maps and mission information) were therefore simply interrupted – an unacceptable one Fact.

B)Uninterrupted Internet on the go

While browsing the Peplink website, the customer became aware of Vitel. After Vitels’ extensive advice on the Technologies and options from Peplink as well as the most sensible solution for use in the command vehicle the fire brigade for Peplink MAX Transit Duo Router. 

MAX Transit Routers are designed for transportation: With The router enables a compact form factor, simultaneous dual-band 11ac Wi-Fi and up to two embedded cellular modems Redundancy and offers further reserves if the data volume of the first SIM slot is used up. Depending on the router, the Use of up to 36 SIM cards possible, which offers enormous possibilities

In addition, it protects against white spots (through Switching to another mobile network operator that offers LTE coverage in the respective “white” area). With 2 LTE modems and Peplink SpeedFusion technology, the router ensures uninterrupted mobile internet LTE including the innovative management software InControl2. 

With InControl2 the administration, reporting, and easily control bandwidth usage. InControl2 is Peplink’s cloud-based device management, monitoring and monitoring system Reporting tool specially designed for Peplink and Pepwave devices. Each device can be used for InControl2 registered and offers advanced management tools, a full device overview and extensive reporting, such as the bandwidth usage per LTE modem and thus per cellular network.


Tested. And convinced.

After delivery and installation by an IT integrator as well as extensive tests during a test phase lasting several weeks the fire brigade was completely convinced of the MAX Transit Duo Router – the feedback was and is consistently positive. 

The device offers a successful interface and scores with simple operation and individual configuration. InControl2 The fire brigade sees it as an optimal addition, with which the router can be configured remotely and routers or Always keep an eye on the vehicle. The connection to both telecommunication providers is now stable. 

We are completely satisfied with the router. It’s been in operation for two months now, and we’re thrilled to see how stable and good internet connection everywhere. We had the router in during various uses and exercises Operation and put through its paces, but could not find any problems.

Benedikt Locher, member of the management group and IT admin at the Wangen volunteer fire department

We are of course there for our customers if they have any questions after the purchase. With the help of a system integrator, we implemented the Delivery and installation of the products. Of course we also helped set up the modems for them different providers to guarantee the best possible operation. As a value added distributor, we do not sell simply products or solutions, we see ourselves primarily as an advisory partner to our customers.