Carriers ISPs MVNOs confirmed working with peplink

i’ve had a tough time getting carriers to work with peplink cellular on SOHO USB and Peplink USR appliance. I thought it might be helpful to have a thread where everyone can confirm what’s working and related settings.

So far i have tested:
Black Wireless (AT&T $10/mo prepaid) - confirmed working after activation on iPhone, use APN “ERESELLER” (required reboot of UBR).
Verizon Wireless Prepaid - confirmed working with default settings. Costs vary with usage.
Visible Wireless (Verizon $25/mo) - confirmed working after activation on iPhone, use APN “vsblinternet”. Slow in my area, high latency.
Los Mobile (AT&T $85 one time) - not yet working, poor support response, still requesting help several weeks into effort.
US Mobile (GSM/T-Mobile $45/mo) - Unlimited plan. Not working on Peplink USR.
US Mobile (Super LTE/Verizon $30/mo) - Data only 15GB plan. Working after activation on iphone, using default APN “vzwinternet”.
T-Mobile (100 GB for $50 5G plan 9/2021) - could not get this to work natively with SIM only in USR. Worked via USB tether, but Inseego hotspot device requires manual USB activation with every reboot. I ended up returning this.

I can confirm that Cricket, Mint and PagePlus all work well for me with no appreciable difference other than $$$ from the standard offerings from AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon!

Would be awesome to make this into a wiki. Key pieces of information should be exact plan name, whether available Direct or only via Reseller, whether reseller is MVNO\authorized reseller\unknown, where/channel it can be obtained, each carrier’s priority list, what priority the plan is, if subject to throttling, subject to deprioritization (or in the case of FirstNET prioritization), and if so when (at all times versus after certain amount of data used), etc.