Carriers/Data Plans for Pepwave in Mexico

I’m going to be in north Baja Mexico for a month so I’m curious if anyone knows of any carriers/data plans that would work with my Pepwave MAX Transit Cat-18 in Mexico. I’ve heard of a few people talk about getting a telcel sim card and then adding the 2-hour unlimited deal, but I’m not sure if this only works in phones or will also work in a Pepwave.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

@DG So you were able to put the telcel sim into straight into your pepwave router, or do you need to activate it on a phone first?

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How did this work for you? Considering doing the same thing…

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Also curious how this worked for you in Mexico and if there are any good data plans for a pepwave in Mexico.

When you get the Telcel Sim you can activate it online.

Purchase from a Telcel Mall store, or OXXO only don’t attempt to purchase from Telcel directly they will ask for you ID and then have issues selling you the sim. Stick to a Mall telCell store or xoxo.

If you need to renew your plan go to

They do have unlimited

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