Carrier Band Selection Control Prioritization

How is the band auto selected? What is the criteria and how can it be configured?

I have a BR1 Mini running on Sprint. If I let the router auto select the band, it chooses band 25 which has a pretty bad connection. If I force it to band 41 it has a pretty strong connection. I don’t want to turn off band 25 to force it to 41 because if there is an issue on 41 I’d like it to fail back to band 25 so I at least have some level of connectivity.

Thank you in advance for the help.

Only the carrier knows the criteria and this is not something that is configurable at the device level.


Hello @cforness,
There may be another way, you will need a second SIM with your carrier on the same account (often done when data pooling). The BR1 has two SIM slots, place one SIM into each slot, then set up the preferred band(s) onto SIM A and the alternative band(s) onto SIM B.
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Has anyone figured out what criteria is used to select a particular band in the last two years? Is it RSSI, SINR, RSRP, RSRQ or some combination of the four?