Car/RV Installation- Terminal Block Configuration


I really hate to sound dense…but, why is there not a section in the manual about installation with power via the terminal block. Can anyone share a diagram or photo as to how it is supposed to be configured?

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I see that there is a post (Max BR1 LTE Version Terminal Block Hookup) where they discuss putting the positive in positive…but, all I see is a screw on each end of the block…which does not look like you can put a wire into and four channels with set screws with - O/P I/P - under them…which is (vaguely) explained here (MAX-BR1-LTE-E-T Terminal Block specifications (for installation in car)).


@Ryan_Vickerman, please see below the recommended way to power the MAX BR1 Classic via Terminal Block. Do make sure the input power is 12VDC, 2A.

Power Options for MK2

Thank you SO much!

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Is this the same for the MK2?

Do you recommend a 2A inline fuse? 3A?


@tim.rohrer, you should able to get the information here.


Thank you for the reply. Yesterday I started a new thread since I wasn’t sure this older one would get a reply.

A key part of my questions in both areas is that I don’t see pin-out diagrams for the terminal block in any of the documentation. How would I know which pins to connect the 12V power? There are four pins in the block.


Are the terminal power block pin-outs the same across all products? i.e. MK2? What are the two middle pins? Thanks!


The four pins are labelled.

pin 1 Ground / negative
pin 4 Positive

Pins 2 and 3 are for future use.
“I/P & O/P pin is a scheduled feature for BR1 to monitor/provide the power status info for the device.”

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Thank you. I am now realizing that part of the issue is that the terminal block on mine covers up some of the labels.

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mine was covered too