CaptivePortal redirection on Windows devices not working

Hello everybody,

since a few weeks the automatic forwarding to the CaptivePortal does not work on Windows devices.
In the past, the Microsoft Edge Browser with the CaptivePortal appeared immediately without any problems.

Now only Microsoft Edge opens with “Hmmm… can’t reach this page” and the URL MSN
If I now try to open myself, I get an SSL HSTS error. When I call another page, for example, I am immediately redirected to the CaptivePortal.

Under iOS and Android I don’t see such problems. Especially for inexperienced users on Windows Notebooks this could cause problems, has anyone noticed this already?
The problem can be reproduced here with BR Max and Balance devices (CaptivePortal via VLAN). The latest firmware is always installed.


Hi Max,
Thanks for your detailed description. Please reproduce the problem you encountered and file a ticket at Peplink Ticketing System with client mac, device SN, specific time you encountered the problem (and video if available) so that we could follow up with you.
Thanks a lot.

Thats odd - it is working now on all Windows devices without changing any configuration.
I will open a ticket if I can reproduce the issue again.
Thanks a lot anyway.