Captive portal


I’m trying to get the captive portal on our MAX HD4 LTE working. What do I need to do to trigger it? I have it enabled and using the built-in splash screen but I can’t seem to actually have it come up, it just goes and says it can’t find the home page (which is fine because I don’t have any SIM cards plugged in; doing testing well indoors). I’ve removed the MAC of the test/admin machine from the DHCP reserved list so it doesn’t think it’s a manager and can bypass the splash screen. I just can’t work out where a user would connect to the router and make the splash screen show up.

Also, does the hostname matter for anything? Do I -need- a live Internet connection to have the splash screen come up, does it go home to for anything?

I kind of feel like I’m missing something obvious here.


Yes. You need an active WAN connection.

  1. Your client is grabbing IP from HD4?

  2. Have you configured the client’s DNS IP manually?

  3. Do you mind to share the screenshot of the Captive Portal settings?

Hi TK,

I will try it wth the active WAN connection; I’m doing my setup inside of a ship so no chace of connection there :wink: (Actual use will be up top.) If I still can’t get it to go, I’ll post screenies.

Sure! I am ready to help.

Got a chance to try it finally – worked no problem. Hooray! Now I have to tackle setting up a RADIUS server…

Thanks for the update :up: