Captive Portal

Hi Guys ,

where’s the captive portal on my balance 305 FW 6.0 ?? how to activate this feaure ?

Thanks - Hootan

Should be under Network > Captive Portal on 6.1. Have we checked there?

Dear Kurt ,

Nothing is there !

Hi Hootan,

Captive Portal for B305/380+ requires feature activation. Peplink | Pepwave - Forum

You can use a MAX700/HD2 or others to try this feature.


Okay Lai ,

I Knew that this feature requires activation according to the comparison chart. but if we ( beta tester partners ) couldn’t be able to test the complete features you provide on a new beta firmware , who is supposed to do that ?? we are trying to test the new features to find out the problems and send you the feedback as long as we are your partner not a customer !
by the way the firmware expires and we are not going to use it forever :wink:

Thanks - Hootan