Captive Portal Token Management

Does anyone know a way of seeing the expiry time / valid to date of access tokens that have been previously created in a captive portal.

Example, I create a Captive Portal with 100 token tokens with a valid from date of today and a valid to date of next year say. How can I find out when the validity will expire or how long they have left before they will be no longer valid. I can see this might sound like a silly question, if you have one site that you create 100 tokens for a year, you just look at the date that they were created within the captive portal config and add a year on right. But what if you have 30 - 40 sites with different captive portals, tokens and start dates and they originally had diferent valid to dates assigned to them, how do you find out then?

Hi Noel, you may go to “Reports” > “Captive Portal Dashboard” and click at the “Manage” of the desired tokens. Hovering over the text under “Valid Now”, you will find the valid dates there.
Hope it helps.

Thanks, that works