Captive portal timeout on android devices

Hi all… again :smiley:

please, bare with me :slight_smile:

testing the captive portal feature with social login… it works flawlessy on every pc I tried, but on every android device (half a dozen, samsung, one plus ecc), after clicking on “Sign in with Facebook” button (and waiting for 10 seconds), I see:

BR1 is connected via LTE and, I repeat, all captive portal stuff is working fine with pcs

any hint?

Hi customer,

I have a few questions:

  • what is the android OS version ?
  • did you test out using other android phones or IOS phones ?
  • go to ‘network’ > ‘lan’ > ‘captive portal’, perform a print screen on the settings


Yaw Theng

hi there…

after upgrading firmware to the last stable 6.3.1 and rechecking twice the configuration, all is working as expected…

thank you for your time :slight_smile:

Hi nenonano,

Great to know that it is working now.


Yaw Theng