Captive portal social login bypass


Hi there

I just discovered that the “No thanks” link on the social login page of IC2 Captive portal permits users to surf without authentication… I can’t find any note about it around and I think this should put in evidence… IOW, this should be disabled for default, a clear and full explanation of its function should be wrote somewhere.

I don’t want (and can’t permit) anonymous surfing, which is un-legal here



The “No Thanks” can be disable by editing the Splash Screen page. For more information, please refer to the screenshot as attached.

Regarding to your request whether or not to disable the “No Thanks” by default, i will let Engineering team to consider this as some customer require the “No Thank” by default.

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I know that “No thanks” link can be disabled setting an empty label, but the issue is what “no thanks” link does… it permits people to use the network without any authentication… this should be said somewhere, that’s all

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Thank you for the invaluable feedback. After discuss with Engineering team and we will improve this by adding a note next to the setting that explain the “No thanks” field.

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