Captive Portal on Surf SOHO

I download the firmware v.6.2.2 build 1790 and the associated owners manual for my Surf SOHO. The manual describes going to network>basic setting to turn captive portal on. The captive portal option is not there. Is this an omission in 6.2.2 and will it be added? That is the only way that I understand that the Surf SOHO can show the splash page of an AP that I am trying to log into.

The captive portal feature is for when you want to setup your own hotspot and splash page. If you are trying to connect the SOHO to an existing Wi-Fi network then this would be configured as Wi-Fi as WAN instead.

Thanks for the quick response. I am trying to connect to an AP with a splash page to log in (agree to terms check box). I am currently setup as WIFI as WAN. Where should I see the splash page? It does not come up in the browser nor on the router. If I attach with my phone the splash page appears in the browser as you would expect. Sorry for the questions, if this is covered in the manual I could not find it.

Just make sure you are connecting to the correct SSID and on the dashboard it should indicate that you are connected. Then you can just open a new tab and try going to a website, you should get directed to the splash page to login.

This didn’t work for me. I connected to the AP then tried to go to a web page and nothing happened. It simply hung and timed out. The splash page would not appear. I was trying to log into Tengo Internet. I even tried going directly to their start page. It wouldn’t work.

Please open a support ticket for further follow up: