Captive Portal on AP Ones


We switched over from a Meraki because our setup became a bit more complex when we switched over to AT&T Fiber and we needed two devices that could wirelessly bridge to each to connect devices in different rooms together where there is no hard-wired LANs. Initially, I was thinking two Surf SoHo’s (the new wireless AC model) but after speaking with a Peplink partner, they informed me that Surf SoHo’s also cannot wirelessly connect to each other and going with two AP One’s would be a better solution. After receiving them in the mail today, I’m discovering that they don’t have an actual built-in captive portal, as I was lead to believe but they can only source an external webpage or landing page as a captive portal, which is a huge departure from what we had on the Meraki, I needed to verify that this is the case and see what may be my best option, even if I have to switch out devices. What important to me is:

(1) Wireless AC.
(2) Built-in Captive Portal (in other words I can configure the verbiage of the terms and conditions from the device and have it displayed from the device).
(3) At least two wired LANs
(4) Capable of bridging wirelessly to another wireless device connected to the source (AT&T equipment).
(5) Wireless client isolation on guest network.

Any suggestions?


You can use InControl2 to configure the Captive Portal settings, here is a link with details:



I ended up swapping this out for a Peplink Balance One (WiFi AC). For some reason my speeds are all over the place though. Sometimes I’m getting less than 10Mbps; others around 20-30Mbps but I’ve never been able to break 100Mbps and we have Fiber here. Any suggestions?


Are you using 2.4 or 5 GHz? How many other adjacent AP’s are on the same channel that you are using?



Its using both and there are no adjacent APs.


I would try forcing it to 5 GHz only and test while very close to the device. PHY data rates and throughput will decrease over distance.