Captive Portal on AP One AC Mini behind Max-OTG


I’m trying to set-up wifi for a small conference. My configuration looks like this:

| VLANS 10, 20, 30
Netgear ProSafe JGS516PE
____ VLANS 10, 20, 30
| |

I’ve set-up the captive portal on the OTG, and put the same address in the config on the APs (each is locally managed from an identical config.bin). Users who join VLAN 30, which is for guests, receive an IP but cannot browse the web. They SHOULD be re-directed to the portal, then allowed to browse after accepting our terms. That doesn’t happen, however. My question is this: How do I configure the OTG to serve the captive portal page to the AP clients? I’ve tried setting a local DNS mapping, but that doesn’t seem to work. Is this a VLAN issue? (Management is on 10.)

HELP! Conference starts Sunday…

Do you mean 2 APs are running the same IP address?

  1. May I know what is the DNS IP for the client?

  2. Did client manage to resolve IP and get respond from