Captive Portal not working

I had the captive portal working fine. However, I went to test it today and it is not working and I’m not sure why. I have it configured to display the internal splash page to all users coming from VLAN 42. Screen shot of the set-up is below.

The problem is, when I hit the “Preview” button, I get a blank page. If I put myself on VLAN 42, I get the re-direct to the portal and then it displays a blank page. I can confirm this on a Mac with Chrome and Safari and on an Android device with Chrome. If I look at the source of the blank page, I see full HTML code (attached as well) but nothing ever appears in the browser page.

If I change from internal splash page to external, same problem. User is re-directed to the external splash page and again, nothing loads. I eventually get a “no data from server” error. I have white listed the domain serving the external captive portal. Clearing browser cache has no effect. (4.28 KB)

We do receive similar case. This has been fixed in v6.3.2. You may try v6.3.2 beta2 if needed.

Thank you.