Captive Portal No Splash Page

Dear all,

I am treeing to set up a captive portale on my Pepwave MAX BR1 Slim using the InControle2 with standard settings.
I see the WLAN (VLan100) and can connect to it. get an Ip address. I do not get any splash page. The browser is waiting and won’t continue.
what did I miss out or forgot to configure?


  1. How many SSID you defined in InControl2? What is the Vlan you assign to each SSID? Captive Portal enabled on which SSID?

  2. How many Vlan you defined in BR1 Slim? What is the Vlan ID you defined?

I have defined 10 SSID in InControle2
They are all untagged except for 3 SSID for Public access
1 is disabled and 2 are enabled they all three have a VLAN 100
I have defined only 2 SSID for BR1Slim.
One untagged working fine
and the other one for the Captive Portal VLAN 100


Thanks for the info.

  1. You able to ping “” and “” from the affected PC?

  2. What is DNS IP on the affected PC?

  3. If you enter on the browser, Splash page able to show?

  1. ping to or “ping: cannot resolve Unknown host”
  2. the DNS IP is pointing to the BRI Slim router
  3. in browser failed to open page


This is strange. Please open ticket and turn on Remote Assistance for us to take closer look.

Thank you.