Captive Portal Login via Facebook or social media?

Hi Team

I have a client that uses the Balance 580 along with BR1’s to create internet and Wi-Fi access at events around the world

They have a request for the Captive Portal and I wanted to see if this is already on the road map or if not create a feature request.

The client gets large sponsors (Wheaties for example) to provide internet to the 1000’s of contestants. They would like to be able to use the Peplink captive portal to have a Facebook login / like before they are redirected to use the internet, or have the ability to customize the portal page with their own code to do this.

Meraki units they’ve used previously had this ability on their captive portal page. They could require that you like the Wheaties Facebook page before it lets you use the internet. Is this something that is possible? The ability to login with one’s Facebook credentials?

If our team is not able to do this, is this something that their internal IT department could write for them? They have a team on staff that they think could write the code in a couple hours for the portal page if they had ability to specify code in the portal page.

Thanks - any and all feedback is appreciated.


Hi team - I am curious on your thoughts for this. Please let me know. I now have several clients interested in this feature/capability.

I appreciate your feedback.


We are working on this feature. It should be available around June/July time frame.

Great - thanks for the feedback Alex.


Hi Team,

Just wondering if there was any other update on if or when the functionality will be implemented into the captive portal ? Lately we have been getting more and more requests for this type of feature for companies doing events and also hotel / boating
I do not think it is currently available ? I know there are a few things that might be able to do this such as the knowledge base article
but i do not think this is the same? just wanted a little clarification on this. thank you for your time


Hi Taylor, the development team is still working on this feature…

relance, do peplink now can do this who asked Mr FrontierComputerCorp , to like facebook page before the captive portal allow guest to access to the internet

Here is the link to the Social Wi-Fi Hotspot:

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Yes I did all that, but the customer asks us that the guist client after he authenticates himself with his facebook account, the customer need to force the clients to like his page before the connection work

Hi Rachid,

Facebook does not appreciate their users being forced to ‘like’ something.
Forcing people to log in, however, is allowed.

This has been discussed multiple times before on this forum and Peplink has confirmed this will not be available as a feature.
Some portals do support forced Facebook ‘like’, but this means they directly interfere with Facebook’s rules.

Peplink has chosen to use the allowed Facebook login feature and I completely understand Peplink’s position in this discussion.

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Hi Joey,

Perhaps Rachid is referring to, Facebook’s own system for Check-In to get Wifi. It is supported by Intelbras, Meraki, Cisco, Netgear, D-Link, Open-Mesh, Aruba Networks, Ruckus Wireless & ASUS.

I also provide networking for large events and just purchased a Balance 580, it would be fantastic to see this implemented on this platform.